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Sophia Kreations

Meet Sophia

Sophia has been doing hair since the early stages of her teenage years. Providing for herself by means of braiding and styling friends and family from The North Miami community she resided and grew up in. She has now advanced her skills into becoming a traveling sylist and expert in hair extensions, Lace wig and natural hair care/products. With Sophia, the difference from her and others in this highly saturated field of other stylists, Sophia not only gives you a seamless, customized extension experience to fit each individual’s preference, but Sophia cares about the state of your natural tresses under the extensions. Sophia's technique with extensions, wigs and natural hair makes her a triple threat in the hair industry. Not only are you getting top grade hair, a beautiful hairstyle and the attention your natural hair needs, but you’re also getting a knowledgeable Pro Hairstylist.

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